Another One Bites the Dust

So I burned out yet another keyboard and had to buy a replacement today.

So now the keyboard works great, but I think my computer is loosing steam.

At least I can get back to those plot-knots.



Or is it plot-nots?

I have a few I realize at 4:30 this morning as I lay staring at my alarm clock while the dog licks my face. It’s Saturday for fuck’s sake. Must untangle before I can proceed to ending Stone Cloud.

Thank god for caffine.

Hello Again

Yeah, I know. It’s been nearly a year since I last blogged. Inola is coming up on her first birthday, and I’m just that much older. (I think I should write her name as iNola.)

Truthfully, sometimes life is just plain boring. Which pretty much sums up the past year.

No trip to Mexico this year. That sucks.

I did write another book this year. A first draft, at least. Loosely based on the short story I wrote for OSC’s Literary Book Camp. It’s now aging.

In the meantime, I started to do another revision to Flyers, Swimmers, and Walkers. Then I got distracted because I woke up one morning with a new ending for Stone Cloud. Of course, you can’t just change an ending. I had to make revisions along the way. This is a good thing. I am now at the end. Only I can’t write the ending. What’s with that?

When – if – I finish that ending for Stone Cloud, I will do one more round of queries and if nothing happens, I may e-publish it. What the heck – why not?

I broke down and joined Facebook. I have lots of political and union activists “friends,” but I sure could use some writer-friends. How do you get friends, anyway? Is it too pathetic to say – “Hey – I need friends”? Oh, wait – isn’t that what you do on Facebook? I can’t say I understand the idea completely yet.

I can’t do Twitter. I don’t own a cell phone.

Viva la Mexico and Happy Birthday to Us

I really did go to Mexico.  That’s the view from my lounge chair.  I had a great time. Came back speaking Spanish. I did a lot of sitting and staring at blue skies and green trees. I ate like a little piggy and actually lost weight. I read a book and even managed to do a little writing. Vacations without children are a wonderful thing.

And then, shortly after we returned, my daughter had her baby girl. On my birthday. How cool is that? She weighed 7 pounds and was 19 inches long.  Absolute perfection! I have spent the last few weeks making her dresses and bonnets and blankets and showing her picture to anyone who moves.

As for writing, who gives a crap? I have a granddaughter!

I can’t take any more!!

The dream

This winter thing has been going on long enough, thank you very much.  And I, for one, am SICK of it.  SICK, SICK, SICK.  I demand SUNSHINE and GREEN.  I want daffodils

. . . the reality

and crocuses and tulips.  I want newly budding trees and earth, for heaven’s sake.  I have worn the same pair of depressingly dark wash jeans and big, chunky boots to work everyday for the last month because I no longer CARE what the hell I look like. I am sick of wearing a coat, gloves, scarf and toque every time I step outside.  I have worn out my flannel pjs and my fingers and toes hare permanently numb.  How am I suppose to write with numb fingers?  And my nose has been dripping since November. AND I heard it’s supposed to be cold for another three months.  WTF???

I’m going to Mexico.



In the interest of full disclosure, here’s an update of my (meager) previous postings:

— Simon and Garfunkel never made it to Edmonton.

— My daughter, even though she had her own pair, ended up with my shoes.

— I gave up on trying to rewrite that old mystery novel.  Somethings should be left in the box.

— Harlequin rejected my romance novel at the query/synopsis stage.

— I never did hear from Mr. Really Big Agent about Stone Cloud.  I guess that means no.  Too bad.  I’m pretty sure the world could really use another vampire novel.

Strangely, the only thing that upsets me is the shoes.