Simon and Garfunkel Cometh

Today: 1C Snow in the forecast.  How lame is that?

Simon and Garfunkel are coming to Edmonton May 1!  I am so excited.  I love Simon and Garfunkel.  As a teenager, I had three record albums:  Bookends, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and one by Leonard Nimoy.  (I was such a nerd!)  Later, my collection would grow to include John Denver, Harry Chapin, and the Carpenters.  And Queen. (Go figure.)  If it weren’t for some serious intervention by friends, I’d still be listening to the Carpenters.

When my children were teenagers, I’d play Simon and Garfunkel because I knew it bugged them.  (That’s the best part of parenting, you know–thinking up ways to annoy your kids.)  Then one day, my daughter announced that they (S and G) weren’t all that bad.  That’s when I knew I was doomed to lose the parenting war.

So, tickets go on sale on Friday.  Will I get any?  Will I be able to afford them, or will I have to put a second mortgage on my house?  It would be worth it.