Happy Feet

Are these not the best shoes ever? Amelia bought a pair for herself and I threatened to steal them so she bought me my very own pair.  Right now, she’s my favorite child. Winners: $24.  I have absolutely nothing to wear them with, but who cares?

So, last September I sent off Stone Cloud to be reviewed by Mr. Really Big Agent in NYC.  By March, I still had not heard a word.  I finally get brave and e-mail him.  Turns out he never received the ms.  I get a nice e-mail from someone in his office asking me to e-mail it to them, which I promptly did.  Now I wait.  Again.

Next time, I won’t wait so long to inquire.  Must be braver.

Current Work in Progress:  28,000+ words.  About one-third completed.  I am taking a break to read what I have written so far and to correct any major problems before I get into Act II.  It stops the flow a little, but I find it saves time in the long run.

Happy Easter.