orchid show

Today: -6C

We went to the orchid show today.  It’s a lovely way to spend a non-spring day, looking

at a zillion amazing flowers.  I took 160 pictures (I love my digital camera), resulting in a sore back (from bending, stretching) and sore knees (from kneeling on concrete.)  We bought a few to bring home, including “Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry.” See picture. Ours doesn’t look like that yet.  It hangs on the wall, which is interesting.  Some of these will take up to two years to bloom.

I am always interested in the people who show up at these things.  Today, there was a biker-type, complete with tatoos, and hankerchief on his head; big and bald, craddling his pot of brassia macrofloria Maryellen cross blah-blah and discussing species orchids, while looking for a shell pink cattleya. (Yeah, it’s all Greek to me, too.)

Then there are the nerdy types who throw around Latin names as easily as  popcorn.  And the photographers–I’ve never seen so many Nikons in one place before.  There were the gay guys who started growing orchids 20 years ago on a fluke after one of them brought home a sad little thing someone gave to them.  Apparently, orchids can become addictive.  “First, you get a phalenopsis and then you’ve bought an acreage and are looking at greenhouses.”

I know nothing about orchids.  It’s Lesley that has the steel-trap mind for Latin.  I just nod and take pictures.  My understanding of orchids is limited to “they’re pretty.”   I did recognize the lady slippers, which Lesley tells me are paphlopedilums. (How does she do it?)   I never realized there were so many!

We came home with a heart shaped orange one, and one that is supposed to have (someday) 16-inch long sepals (whatever that is) and 28-inch spikes.  Lord help us, Seymour–Lesley wants more.  We already can’t use our bath tub because it’s lined with pots.  She would like to ripout the bathtub altogether and put in shelves.  I suggested to her that that probably wouldn’t be a very good idea, should we ever decide to sell the house. I think I have successfully convinced her, but I’m hiding the Sawzall just in case.

For pictures, see “Orchid Show 2010” page.