back at it

Today:  12 degrees C or about 53 degrees F  Sunny

I took a day and a half off.  It was great.  But an opening line popped into my head, begging me to write it.   So I did.

Big mistake.

I am working on rewriting a mystery I wrote twenty years ago.  I loved the idea then; I was obsessed by it.  I wrote the bulk of it in ten days and it was short-listed for a provincial novel-writing competition.  But I was never happy with it, and always thought I would get back to it.  In the meantime, I put it aside and went on to other things.  But this line jumped out at me and I was hooked.

I think I have a hard copy of the old manuscript somewhere.  I don’t know whether to look for it or not.  Not that it matters.  What I’m writing now is very different from what I wrote then.  The plot is basically the same, but the details will be different, as well as the voice. I wrote 7,000 words this weekend.  Not a bad start.

That’s Lola at three months.  She is now nine months old

and desperately needs a haircut.