Bye-Bye January and Don’t Look Back

My New Year’s resolution this year was to stop writing for one year, and instead, read, spend more time with family and friends (the few I have left) and quit this stupid notion of ever being able to produce anything that anyone will ever want to publish, let alone read. Hell, at times I can barely stand to read what I’ve written. So I closed the file on THE FLYERS, THE SWIMMERS, AND THE WALKERS (I cried a little even though at that moment I thought it was the worst thing I’d ever written), and actually turned off the computer.

I was good for 15 days. I read the entire Mistborn trilogy (Brandon Sanderson).  I even stated to read book one of the Wheel of Time series. I took out my sewing machine and made half a dress for my granddaughter who is scheduled to be born in April. I watched television. I went to bed at a respectable hour.

Knock off the snow already -- January from my driveway

Like I said, I lasted 15 days.

I have now written almost 10,000 words on a new novel. And I have retrieved FLYERS, which was very close to being COMPLETLY AND TOTALLY DONE, and  I am 70 percent through what I hope is a final draft.

This is what I learned: sometimes it is possible to over revise. What I hated most about FLYERS was that I was making too many changes that were taking away from what is really a very simple story. I ended up going back and removing almost everything I had added and put back much of my first draft, albeit more polished. And best of all, it’s almost COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY DONE.

My other New Year’s resolution: Get back to blogging. It’s good for the soul.