Winter Still

I drove out to the country this morning.  It was foggy in patches and the hoarfrost was thick. It was quite beautiful and I just happened to have my camera with me, so I took a couple of pictures.  There are parts of North America about ready to burst into Spring, and here I sit in Northern Alberta where it won’t be Spring for another three months. It is times like these that I miss California.  Once upon a time, after spending a year at college in a Northern climate, I swore I’d never leave California again in the Winter.  Yes, well . . . that worked out well.

I do like to see the seasons change, and really don’t mind winter too much.  Except for the near constant state of darkness.  And the cold.  And shoveling walks. Most days, I’m perfectly content to stay indoors and write, which is not such a bad thing.  Or sleep. And eat. Definitely eat.


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